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Whether at home or at work, we can help!

Forget calling to India for help. Call your local support team at WizWire for friendly, knowledgeable staff that will work to understand your needs, and provide you with solutions that fit your needs.

Virus Removal & Protection

  • Malware, spyware, hi-jackers
  • Industrial-strength cleaning
  • Multi-tool deep scans
  • Manual removal if needed

Support & Maintenance

  • Remote or Onsite
  • Emergency Support
  • Our house or yours
  • Preventative Maintenance

Data Recovery

  • High success rate
  • Transfer to new pc
  • Reasonable pricing


  • In-Home or Office
  • Server Setup
  • Custom Solutions

Wireless Network

  • Secure your network
  • Protect your information

Website Hosting

  • Reliable servers
  • Custom websites

Computer Networking
And Consulting

We offer personal support and proven solutions that will keep your home and office running smoothly with minimal interruptions.

Network Support

From the simplest to the most complex of networking issues, we have the experience necessary to keep your network running. We can troubleshoot simple internet connections issues, down to the wiring itself.

Server Installation, Configuration, and Support

Need to set up a new server? No problem. We can help you set up, configure, and support your entire network from the ground up. We can help you secure your documents and programs from unwanted intrusions.

Office Support

Whether your office has 1 or 100 PC's, we have the expertise to keep your office running at optimal speed.

For Onsite/In Shop or
Remote Support

tel. 530-889-0796

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